Why the hell did we make The Scholar?

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We currently live in a world of chaos. We’re all anxious and uncertain of the future. These emotions about what’s to come are based on our interpretations of what has passed. Has the world always been this way? Are we doomed? Is it getting worse? Or is it getting better? These questions come from our a priori assumptions of the world, the “facts” of reality that we base all other conclusions on. This is the First Principles methodology of thought that Aristotle brought us. This only works if, and only if, our a priori assumptions of the world are correct; otherwise we immerse ourselves in entire oceans of thought only to realize the boat we’re in has leaks in the hull. Greek philosopher René Descartes sought to fix this suggesting Cartesian doubt, to doubt and reject everything until your left with only the irrefutable truths. So doubt everythingespecially what you currently hold as truth. The Scholar seeks to open a dialogue between its writers and readers and aid in correctly establishing and challenging the a priori truths of reality.

But why though?

I agree. Why? Well, it certainly wasn’t for the capital. The best way to figure out what to do with your all too short life is identify a problem in the world, and try your best to fix it. The problem I see is modern media. I didn’t know where to get my news from. You go to the right-wing news outlets and what do you see? An ideological bubble with no inclination of bursting. What do you see on the left? Well… the same exact thing except with different buzzwords.

cropped-thescholarnews2.pngAnd that’s reflective in the political landscape. America could not be more divided right now; it’s 50/50. The last election seemed to be like choosing what brand of sunglasses the firing squad got to wear while they shot you. Vote Democrat? Vote Republican? One word seems insufficient to encapsulate how you interpret reality.

Well, you don’t have to. You don’t have to a hundred % one and a none-dred % the other. Believe it or not, its possible to agree with somebody on one thing and disagree on another! America was built on compromise and here we are 230 years later. 230 years later with a lot of spilled blood between, but here we are… This because of the sad inevitability that America is going to make mistakes… and when an entire nation makes a mistake, people suffer. Too many people suffer. But if we learn from the mistakes of those before us and doubt, question, and reject the axioms that made them commit such unforgivable acts, maybe we can stop it from happening again…

The Scholar hopes to aid your pursuit. Aid in exposing you to both sides of an issue so you can be on your own side of it. America seceded from the Crown in the 18th century because they thought one man’s vote too powerful. So now each one of you has one 325,700,000th of that vote; learn how to use it and do so wisely…


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