“Episode IX to use more practical effects”, says Star Wars director A. A. Jaybrams.

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Star Wars fans will be relieved when last night A. A. Jaybrams announced that Star Wars episode IX is going to use more practical effects in place of CGI. “We didn’t want another Phantom Menace with saturated tacky computer-generated effects that distract from the film’s plot. That’s why we decided to use a $1.2 million dollar mask that was engineered by MIT to perfectly resemble Carrie Fisher’s likeness for the upcoming film”, said Jaybrams in an interview last night. “Oh, who’s going to be wearing the mask? Well, I was always a fan of Tarantino appearing in his own films, so I’m not saying that it’s going to be me… but I’m not saying it’s not”.

We asked local resident and Star Wars fanatic Dave Skidadleburg what he thought of the movie’s direction change and if he’s glad that the movies CGI isn’t going to distract from the film’s plot, “Yeah I don’t really care about CGI that much I just wanna see Poe Dameron and ghost Jabba f***”.

We’ll keep you updated.


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