The Scholar News is your outlet to the “other side” of politics.

The news is supposed to be opinions based on fact. But this line between fact and opinion has blurred. Opinions are currently being presented as fact in the mainstream media. How do you fix this? Well, start with the presupposition that no one is safe from bias. Even raw footage of an event has a bias; the person recording is pointing the camera at whatever it is that is they believe most interesting (i.e. filming the puppies opposed to the carpet they’re playing on, or filming an act of police brutality instead the wall it’s taking place in front of). Bias simply means that the writer has an opinion. Every article you read is biased one way or another. Our articles won’t hide this fact. The world has a finite number of interpretations. Apply them to real life and the most pragmatic one is the truth.cropped-thescholarnews.png

The foundation and goal of our website is finding out the truths of the world. If your opinion conflicts with fact? Change your opinion, not the fact. If the fact isn’t a “fact”?  Then spread truth and expose it because, without honesty, none of us have any valuable means of knowing where we are in life, let alone judge it. And knowing where you are in life is the concrete foundation of thinking.  How could you know where to go if you don’t know where you are? How can you know what you will become if you don’t know what you are? How do you know how you’ll be if you don’t know how you are? How can you decide what kind of person you want to be if you don’t know who you are? Without honesty, none of these crucial predictions can occur.

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Here at The Scholar News, our aim is to help you in finding your own truth so that you can better yourself as a person in order to better the world because, after all, the strength of any nation is only as strong as the individuals of which it’s comprised.